KCA Conference - Nov 9-11, 2022 *Register Today, See LINK below

KCA Conference – November 9-11, 2022

Keynote/Breakout Sessions 

November 9, 2022

  • Preconference Sessions (additional registration fee):

       9:00-4:00 (Lunch included):

  • Take Your Counseling Program to the Next Level: Kentucky Framework of Best Practices for School Counselors and the ASCA Model, Heather Bushelman
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dr. Russell Hall


  • Critical Incident Desensitization, Dr. Janet Vessels
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Dr. Damien Sweeney
  • Responding to Violence, Dr. Daya Sandhu


  • Counselor Ethics: Overview,  Foundational Principles, and Decision Making, Chris Griffith, LPCC-S
  • Advocacy: Moving Our Profession Forward, Dr. Rebecca Pender Baum
  • Using EMDR in Trauma and Grief Work: An In-Depth Look, Dr. Hannah Coyt

Opening Session with Keynote Presentation by Heather Bushelman 7-8:15 PM       

November 10, 2022, 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM

  • Bullying: A School Counselors Phenomenological Perspective
  • Child Maltreatment in the State of Kentucky: Comparisons with Other States and Suggestions
  • Utilizing Play Therapy to Treat Separation Anxiety
  • Prolonged Grief Disorder: Diagnosis and Treatment Strategies
  • Are YOU Taking Care of Yourself?
  • When Grief Gets Complicated
  • Counselors Can Advocate for Social Justice
  • Problematic Pornography Use: Context and Treatment
  • Counseling Latinx Clients
  • Using Video in Supervision: Best Practices and Implications for Counselor Training and Supervision
  • The Integration of Counseling & Meditation
  • Investigating a Culturally Expansive Paradigm of Trauma
  • Self-Assessment and Action Planning for Trauma-Informed Supervision
  • Pharmacological Treatment of Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety in Children
  • Subtypes of OCD
  • Living in the Valley of Shadows: Jung and the Meaning of a ‘Shadow Life’
  • Addiction in Children and Adolescents
  • Build Your Postsecondary Advising Toolkit
  • Deconstructing Professionalism
  • Sexual Competencies Every Counselor Should Know
  • Connecting Through Love, Compassion, and Meditation
  • Helping Empty Nesters Transition
  • The Best Free Counseling Tool You’re Probably Not Using – the VIA Character Strengths Assessment
  • Making Decisions About Treatment Goals with Sexual and Gender Minority Students at Christian Colleges and Universities  

General Session with Keynote Speaker: Ana Gomez, 10:30-11:40

  • Multisystemic Therapy (MST): Implications for Youth & Families
  • Culturally Responsive Counseling In Multicultural Schools
  • Helping Clients Resolve Their Family of Origin Issues: Healing Personal, Family, and Professional Relationships
  • Outside the Office: Expanding Professional Identity Beyond Client Care in Context of Therapist Burnout
  • Confidentiality and the Exceptions Under Kentucky Law, with an Emphasis on Duty to Warn; How Counselors Must Handle Matters of Life and Death
  • Starting a Counseling Private Practice
  • Mental Health Game Plan
  • Psychedelics: Treatment and Ethics in Psychotherapy
  • Help Me, Sometimes I Feel Like Giving Up: Addressing the Need for Counselors and Students in Counseling Programs to Accept, Embrace, and Prevail Through Personal Burnout
  • Self-Care for Counselors and Our Clients: Should We Be Doing More?
  • Lights, Camera, Action: Impacts of Media’s Portrayal and Celebrities’ Endorsement of LGBTQ+ Characters Throughout History on Mental Well-Being of LGBTQ+ Individuals
  • Counseling Students Involved in Gang Activities
  • Violence in American Schools: Some Practical Guidelines for Counselors
  • …With Liberty and Justice for All: Counselors’ Best Practices for Maintaining Professionalism and Objectivity During Political and Social Unrest
  • Abortion in Kentucky After Roe: Implications for the Client-Counselor Relationship
  • Counseling Compact Commission – An Update on the Interstate Compact
  • Helping Students with Focus and Choices for Change: Using a Choice Theory Framework
  • Integration of Reality Therapy: A Group Demonstration
  • Stories in Counseling: Benefits and Outcomes
  • I’m Licensed, Now What?
  • Developing a Training Program for Staff with Direct Client Contact
  • Treatment Planning
  • Guilt FREE Pleasures: Self-Care as a Lifestyle, Not a Guilty Option
  • A Superpower in Counseling: Introduction to Clinical Hypnosis
  • Integrating the 8 Dimensions of Wellness for Counselor Wellbeing
  • Maintaining a Flourishing Life During Challenging Times
  • Death, Anxiety, and the Older Client
  • Everyday Games with a Therapeutic Twist
  • Piecing Together an Accurate Diagnosis
  • Critical Interventions: Using Mental Health Petitions and Casey’s Law Petitions to Compel Treatment
  • Understanding Neurodiversity and Supporting the Wellbeing of Adolescents and Adults with Autism
  • Using Games and Interests to Increase Skills in Those with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Intro to Personality Disorders
  • Integrating Spirituality in Counseling Using the Multidimensional Model of Broaching Behaviors
  • Explore Beliefs to Improve Lives: An Appalachian Case Study in Spiritual Development
  • Borderline Personality Disorder: The Wounded Survivor
  • Building Connectedness Through Effective Communication
  • Substance Abuse Assessment: Not for the Faint of Heart
  • Recognizing Narcissistic Behavior
  • When Children Grieve
  • Implementation of ASCA Framework In Christian County Kentucky
  • Trauma Informed Care in Kentucky
  • Trauma Informed Strategies for Supporting Students with Trauma in the Classroom
  • Creating Easy to Implement Tier 2 SEL-Driven Interventions for Students
  • Lessons and Applications From ‘Beyond Behaviors: Using Brain Science and Compassion to Understand and Solve Children’s Behavioral Challenges’ by Mona Delahooke, PhD
  • Navigating High Conflict Custody Situations When Working with Young Children
  • Lights-Camera-Relentless Optimism
  • Parent Alienation: Evidence-Based Determination and Therapeutic Considerations
  • The Relationship Between Supervisor and Supervisee: Expectations and Experiences

November 11, 2022 – 8:20 AM – 12:00 PM

  • Counselors Viewing Systematic Oppression as a Traumatic Experience
  • Training Counselors to Advocate and Consult with Educators on Trauma-Informed and Culturally Responsible Teaching Practices
  • Enhancing Racial, Cultural, and Gender Equities to Curb Community Violence through Participatory Approaches
  • Gaslighting Demystified
  • COVID-19 Impact on Asian American Mental Health
  • Gender, Sexuality, and the School Age Child
  • Empowering and Acknowledging Children Through Therapeutic Language
  • Empower Parents – 5 Parenting Techniques that work when Working with Children
  • SHIFT Happens: Optimism is the Key to Long-Term Positive Change
  • Been There, Done That, Did It, Had It, Lived It, and We’re Not Done Yet!
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Integrating Caregivers and Play Therapy Into Treatment
  • The ACA Advocacy Competencies as a Guide to End Weight Bias and Sizeism
  • Autopilot Off: Foster Passion and Professionalism in Supervision
  • Promoting Perseverance and Resiliency in Students and Supervisees
  • Values Clarification for Increasing Counselor and Organizational Passion and Decision Making with Integrity
  • Making the Case for Case Management
  • Playing Against a Stacked Deck: Clinical Approaches to Overcoming Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Therapists Lead the Way – Bringing Advanced Trauma Treatment into Focus
  • Did You Hear That? Who Said, “Thank You?”
  • Queering Your Toolbox: Practical for Counseling LGBTQ+ Adolescents
  • Languishing – Not Sick, But Not Well
  • Comorbidities of Pregnant Substance Use Clients and Treatment Methods
  • Early Life Chapters for a Sample of Christian Gender Minorities: A Consensual Qualitative Research Analysis of Childhood, Middle School, and High School Experiences
  • Later Life Chapters for Christian Gender Minorities: A Consensual Qualitative Research Analysis of College, Current, and Anticipated Future Experiences
  • Mindful Self-Compassion: How to Give a Crap About Yourself
  • Kentucky Board Of Licensed Professional Counselors Town Hall Meeting

Closing Session with Keynote Speaker: Dr. Tori Murden McClure  10:30-Noon