KCA Conference Highlights - 2018

We were very pleased to have around 650 participants to celebrate our 61st annual KCA Conference.  Our 2018 theme was UNITED WE STAND:  Counselors Promoting Resilience and Recovery and provided a backdrop for a wide variety of breakout sessions that were well received.  We truly appreciate all those that helped make the 2018 KCA Conference a wonderful success.

We are thankful for our highly qualified pre-conference presenters who provided valuable workshops; all the knowledgable presenters willing to share their expertise, resulting in an amazing variety of breakout sessions; the Alumni members for coordinating the exhibit area; a host of facilitators that kept sessions flowing smoothly; numerous volunteers that helped staff the registration area and the generosity of our sponsors and exhibitors.

We heard from internationally known Keynote Speakers that challenged and motivated us.  The luncheons were well attended and served delicious food as counselors took a few minutes to relax and spend time with their peers.    

The latest group of MLA participants began their program by learning more about KCA/ACA, strengthening their leadership skills, and spending time with their mentors.  The early morning Coffee Chat with first timers was well attended and the Divisional "Meet and Greet" was successful in connecting counselors with similar roles and passions.  Many counselors visited the EKU and WKCA hospitality rooms for great snacks and networking.  Counselors enjoyed the annual social with DJ Sharfe providing the lively music.

The scrumptious brunch buffet was enjoyed by all those in attendance as the Closing Session/Awards Ceremony was conducted. A large crowd watched as deserving counselors were recognized with coveted awards.  Special thanks to the KCA Program Committee and the KCA Officers who worked long hours to make sure that the conference flowed smoothly and met the needs of counselors from a wide variety of job settings.  Your KCA leaders are already at work on the 2019 KCA Conference with hopes of continued growth and success.  

KCA is very grateful for the loyal and continuing support of our conference sponsors.  Their invaluable support helps KCA provide a very high quality conference at modest cost to our counselors. With sponsors leading the way,  the exhibit hall was totally filled with a variety of services, program opportunities, books & materials, informational booths, and boutiques.  

Please take time to review the following photos of award winners and collages of many activities taking place during the conference.  We hope you can see that it was a wonderful experience for all and that you will plan to join us next year!  We will be back in our Wednesday-Friday pattern with the dates of November 13-15, 2019 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Louisville.


2018 KCA Awards

We appreciate the high level of interest shown again this year with the number of nominations for well-qualified and deserving candidates reaching another all-time high.  Please continue to nominate those deserving counselors so they can be honored in front of their peers at the annual KCA Conference.  Nominations open online May 1 for the next annual awards program.

Congratulations to all the award winners!

Outstanding Alumni Volunteer

William (Bill) Young


    KCA President Micca Ratliff and Bill Young


Outstanding Graduate Student

Jimmy Ausbrooks


   KCA President MIcca Ratliff and Jimmy Ausbrooks

Outstanding Counseling Educator

Dr. Carole Sommer


    KCA President Micca Ratliff and EKU Student Jacob Hurd accepting award for Dr. Sommer


Outstanding Mental Health Counselor - Dr. Angelia Bryant


   Micca Ratliff, KCA President and Dr. Angelia Bryant, Award Winner

Outstanding College and Career Counselor - Cheryl Boger


   KCA President Micca Ratliff and Cheryl Boger, LWC


Outstanding High School Counselors:

Jill Boone, Jennifer Burnham, Jennifer Jackson, Casaundra Newsome


    KCA President Micca Ratliff and Marshall County High School Counselors:
   Jennifer Jackson, Jennifer Burnham, Jill Boone and Casaundra Newsome




The Tim Robertson Advocacy Award - Dr. John Rigney


   KCA President, Micca Ratliff and Dr. John Rigney, Award Winner

Dr Daya Singh Sandhu Research and Innovations in Counseling Award

   Winners:  Dr. Jennifer Williamson and Dr. Daniel Williamson


   Dr. Daya Sandhu, Dr. Jennifer Williamson, Dr. Daniel Williamson and Micca Ratliff, KCA President


Dr. Bill Braden Award - Beverly Martin


    Dr. Bill Braden, Beverly Martin and Micca Ratliff, KCA President


Exhibit "Best in Show" Award - The Kids Spot Center


      Exhibitors - Rebecca Price and Kim Wilson


Conference Keynoters


      Barbara Coloroso - Opening Session



    Micca Ratliff, KCA President with Dr. Gerard Lawson, General Session Keynoter,
    Dawn Hinton, KCA President-elect and Dr. Rebecca Pender Baum, KCA Vice President


  Dr. Leon Ellison Jr., Closing Session Keynoter; Dawn Hinton, KCA President-elect

Opening Reception


     Dr. Gerard Lawson, former ACA President; Micca Ratliff, KCA President



   2018 Dr. Bill Braden Mentoring Leadership Academy (MLA)

   From left to right: Amber Helme, Molly Ann Halpin, MacRhae Mendez, Dr. Gerard Lawson,
   Dr. Naomi Brahim, Franchesca Brutley, Carson Economy, Sheena Falter, and Hannah Coyt


   KCA Leaders with Dr. Lawson at the opening reception: 
   (left to right)  Jade Maddox, Dr. Rebecca Pender-Baum, Karen Cook, Dawn Hinton, Dawn Rowe,
   Dr. Gerard Lawson, Micca Ratliff, Michelle Sircy and Dr. Naomi Brahim


    Barbara Coloroso conducting book signings in the exhibit hall




    LPCC/LPCA Luncheon


   School Counselor Luncheon


   Lunch for Pre-Conference Participants - networking time!

Awards Brunch



    Delicious Buffet Brunch



       Dr. Steve Stratton, Asbury Theological Seminary, shared thanks before the awards brunch.  
       He was representing Ky-ASERVIC, KCA's newest division.


SPONSOR Recognitions at the Brunch


     Micca Ratliff with Eugene Phelen, ASVAB


     Micca Ratliff with Dr. Jeffrey Parsons, LWC School of Professional Counseling


    Micca Ratliff with Dr. Andrea Brooks, accepting for KBLPC Chair, Mark Hamm



   MIcca Ratliff with Dr. Gary Patton, University of the Cumberlands


Other scenes from the conference:


   Registration Desk:  Helen Benningfield, Penny Nolen, Diane Reed, Rebecca Pender Baum and Jade Maddox



    Facilitator Station facilitated by Michelle Sircy, KCA Past President    



    Almost time for the General Session



    The Chapter and Division sponsored Gift Share - always popular!



    Josh Elliott and Lauren Downey facilitated the Round Table Event



    KCA has a great leadership support system through their Past Presidents. 
   Those present for the photo from left, front row:  Karen Cook, Kathy Davis, Michelle Sircy,
   Dr. Naomi Brahim, Beverly Martin and Jade Maddox.  Left, back row:  Dr. Bill Braden, Dawn Rowe, 
   Dr. Jerry Sklare, Dr. Charles Pemberton, Dan Bondurant, Dr. Angelia Bryant, Dr. John Rigney,
   Barry Adams and Dr. Larry Sexton.  Present but unavailable for the photo:  Tammy Hurst and Maryloretta Resing
     Marlene Estenson won the free registration to the 2019 ACA Conference & Expo
            Gordon Wieland won the Exhibit "Punch Card" Drawing Prize 
      The happy winner of the Crowne Plaza package.
        2018 Conference Collages