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How You Can Be a Racial Justice Ally Webinar

 Trainers:  Jasmine Drinkard, Dr. Michelle Sircy (Past KCA President) & Judith Wilson

 Moderator:  Dr. Naomi Brahim (Past KCA President, ACA Southern Region Chair)

 Training Date:  January 14, 2021

 Training Time:  9:00 – 11:00 EST

 Training Platform:  Zoom – link sent after registration

 Cost:     $40 KCA members, $70 nonmembers     

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CE/EILA (21 EIL 1797) – 2 hours, In today’s environment, we hear a lot about the importance of being an ally in the fight for racial justice, but what does that really mean?  Have you found yourself wondering where to start with becoming an active ally and using your voice and skillset to make actionable changes for black and brown people in your community?  If so, this session is for you!  In this course we will be unpacking: 1. Why racial justice is so important for counselors to actively advocate for in our work and community,  2. What an ally is, but just as important, what an ally is not,  3. Learning the difference between Black Lives Matter the movement versus Black Lives Matter the organization,  4.  How to support your black and brown students, clients, friends and colleagues in the fight for social justice.  

Trainer Bios:

Jasmine Drinkard  has served the students of Jefferson County Public Schools since 2007 as a former High School English Teacher and now current School Counselor.  As a School Counselor she has overseen the creation and implementation of her schools Racial Equity Plan and has provided yearly training for her school staff to support the work of Racial Equity.  She currently serves on the Districts Racial Equity Advisory Council where she assists the Superintendent and the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Poverty in the monitoring of a system-wide Racial Equity Plan.  She is also the current President of KYACAC, Kentucky Association for College Admissions Counseling. She believes the role of the counselor is to advocate for all students by removing systemic barriers to ensure equitable access for all.

Dr. Michelle Sircy has served students, adults and counselors throughout the state of Kentucky and the Southern Region of the United States for over 19 years in many capacities.  She is a KCA past-president and the current JCPS School Counseling Specialist where she leads 280 school counselors.  Dr. Sircy has served on the American Counseling Association National Focus Group on Counseling in Schools and has presented at numerous local, state and national conferences.  Her work has focused on removing barriers to counseling services, racial equity, advocating for comprehensive school counseling and increased mental health services for students.  Dr. Sircy works with many agencies and organizations ensuring crucial conversations on equity and racial justice stay at the forefront of conversations, decisions and policies.

Judith Wilson has served the students of Jefferson County Public Schools for over 20 years. She is the past-president of the Middle School Counselors and the 2019 Middle School Counselor of the Year.  She serves on her school’s Racial Equity Committee where she began the work of Crucial Conversations in Racial Equity with her staff.  Her work as a school counselor has provided her the opportunity to facilitate presentations both locally and nationally. One of her moral imperatives is to engage stakeholders in crucial conversations that positively impact relationships and regulations.