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The Resources listed below were forwarded by Jon Akers of the Kentucky Center for School Safety and compiled by Patti Clark, Suicide Prevention Specialist from the KY Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental & Intellectual Disabilities.

Dear Colleagues,

In response to questions from several of you about the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why,” SPRC’s Grantee and State Initiatives Team has pulled together the following short list of key resources that may help you in supporting schools, parents, and communities, as well as key information on safe and effective ways of messaging about suicide risk and prevention as you and your partners respond. 


From Suicide Prevention Organizations


From Other Mental Health/Professional Organizations


Other Related Resources


There has been a very robust discussion and debate around the series itself on the American Association of Suicidology listserv – if you are interested in following that discussion and are not already subscribed, you can sign up for the list here.


Please keep on reading regarding another dangerous game kids are playing that can be deadly.

Blue Whale Challenge


Participants are assigned challenges they complete over a 50-day period.  The final challenge encourages the player to attempt suicide.  

The game began in Russia last year and has since spread to the U.S.  School officials are reminding parents to talk to their children about how dangerous the game is; watch for changes in their child’s behavior; ask questions about friends; and monitor what children are watching on TV and online.