Important Resource Links for Professional Counselors

Kentucky Counseling Association

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KY Board of Licensed Professional Counselors (KYBLPC)


Kentucky Center for School Safety

New:  Mobile Emergency Procedures-Quick Reference Website
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American Counseling Association


 Bill Braden Inaugural Mentoring Leadership Academy

 ....MLA Capstone Project - Trauma Informed Website


Kentucky Mental Health Counseling Association

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HelpGuide ( ) - A trusted guide to mental, emotional, and social health - has a lot of good info on different mental health topics, like anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, etc. 

-Get Smart About Drugs ( ) - A DEA resource for parents, teens and educators aimed at providing information about drug use and how to help prevent it.


Kentucky School Counselor Association

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Kentucky Association of Adult Development and Aging

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Kentucky Association for Multicultural Counseling and


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Kentucky Association for Counselor Education and Supervision

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The ACA-ACES Syllabus Clearinghouse can be accessed on the ACA website at


Kentucky Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues in Counseling

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Resources related to 13 Reasons Why

More Resources related to 13 Reasons Why (Season 2)

After a Suicide, A Toolkit for Schools, Second Edition

13 Reasons Why Resources

Suicide Prevention Consortium of Kentucky (SPCK)

SPCK Suicide Prevention Spreadsheet of Resources 

Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC)

Suicide Prevention -

NIMH  Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention - The American Legion

Military Suicide Prevention -

PTSD and Addiction Treatment for Veterans -

Veterans Crisis Line -

TBI Resources


Kentucky Department of Education

KDE (homepage)


Kentucky Higher Education and Assistance Authority (KHEAA)

Kentucky Scholarships and Grants

Education websites

College Funding Resources and Information This is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and it would be the place to go if you have a complaint about your loan servicer or a company that promised to help you with your loans. The official U.S. Department of Education website KHEAA is the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority and is a state agency. In addition to information about loan repayment, it provides information about financial literacy. The National Foundation for Credit Counseling ("nominal" fees may apply) Great Lakes services federal loans. If Great Lakes is your loan servicer, this is probably a good place to seek help. (Other servicers include Navient, Nelnet, MOHELA, and PHEAA. Navient was formerly part of Sallie Mae and has been sued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the attorney general of Illinois. MOHELA [Missouri] and PHEAA [Pennsylvania] are those state’s counterparts to KHEAA.) Run by Mark Kantrowitz, who is an expert called by many reputable news organizations for comments about financial aid.


Other Helpful Resources:

(Brain Injury Alliance of KY)

Guide to Anxiety and Sleep

Resources for Alcoholics and Problem Drinkers

SAMHSA Resources:   offers verifiable information on substance addiction and abuse -  addresses the problem of alcohol abuse - free confidential tool and resources related to substance abuse

Assisted Living/Disabilities Resources:

See Military Counseling under Resources Tab for more links and services.